Father Of The Florida Shootout Victim Appears On His Daughter's Prom To See Off Her Best Friends

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May 16, 2018 10:00 By Fabiosa

Father of Florida Parkland killed teenager accompanied his daughter’s best friends on the prom. Meadow Pollack’s peers paid a touching tribute to her and other deceased seniors killed during the horrible mass shooting in February.

Horrible disaster

The world will never forget the tragic events of February 14 in Florida Parkland High School. 17 people were murdered in cold blood in a blink of an eye. Among them were four senior students that would have graduated this year. Meadow Pollack was one of them, and her father expected everything but  such a tragic end of the study year.

The world will remember the victims of the gruesome murder, and with the help of Pollack’s friends, parents of the deceased will at least know that the memory of their children will be forever preserved.

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Honoring prom

The school had previously considered cancelling the prom, but with the help of local businessmen, it was decided to conduct the celebration.

Meadow had a lot of true friends who didn’t forget about their soulmate. One of the closest Pollack’s peers, Carley Ogozaly, shared the girl’s last wish about her prom dress:

I would have just worn a simple black dress. But I know Meadow would have argued with me that it would be too plain. Me wearing this pink sparkly thing and me doing my nails the way Meadow would have is my way of making sure Meadow doesn’t miss prom.

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Andrew Pollack, the father of the deceased, also decided to see off his daughter’s friends on the celebration. He was really touched with the pink limousine, designed with a huge inscription We love you Meadow on the windows.

Father's actions

Andrew Pollack didn’t cease his life after the daughter’s death. He decided to move forward.

The active father organized the #MeadowsMovement and never stopped sharing his concerns about the problem on the social networks with the hashtag #FixIt.

Hopefully, his concerns will be heard and Andrew will manage to achieve his aim to secure all other children in the American schools.

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