After 15 Years, Woman Admits To Lying About Her Father Sexually Abusing Her. What Made Her Do It?

Date September 6, 2018

A woman is on a mission to clear her father's name and let the world know that her lie sent him to prison when she was only 9 years old. Chaneya Kelly claimed her father, Daryl Kelly, sexually abused her when she was a child. The man was convicted and sentenced to 20-40 years in prison.

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Today, Chaneya is desperately trying to prove that her claim was a lie, but the process proved to be more difficult than she'd initially expected.

15 years ago, right after Daryl's conviction, Chaneya tried to come forward with her grandmother's help, but the judge didn't believe her. There's such a thing as false retraction; it happens when a child tries to get out of the situation, out of embarrassment or fear of not being with a parent.

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So if Chaneya says it was a lie and her father didn't touch her, what made her accuse him of this crime in the first place?

Why she made the terrible claim

At the time, Chaneya's mother was a drug addict, who became irrational at one point, and sat down her 9-year-old daughter to find out if her father was abusing her. As Chaneya told NBC News:

She repeatedly asked me, has my dad touched me. I was like, ‘What do you mean, did he touch me?’ And she was like, ‘Did he touch you in your no-no spot?’ And I would repeatedly say no.

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Little Chaneya was confused about why her mother was asking her those terrible things, and kept denying everything until she heard:

If you don’t tell me the answer that I want to hear, I’m going to beat you.

Chaneya's mother admitted there was no reason for her to believe that Daryl would do something like that, and that she was simply under the influence. She signed the affidavit admitting to having pushed Chaneya to falsely accuse her father, but, as previously mentioned, judge didn't believe them.

Daryl keeps faith that they will find a way to set the record straight and he'll be free.

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Why do children lie about abuse?

Pressure from another parent is only one of the reasons why a child would lie about being sexually abused by their relative. Other factors include anger at a parent, wanting revenge, seeking approval and care from another parent, and simple misunderstanding.

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A child might not know the severity of such accusation. And as we can see, it can have terrible consequences. We hope Daryl will find justice and that Chaneya won't stop trying to get him out of prison.

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