10-Year-Old Girl Was Dying Due To Kidney Disease, Then Her Teacher Intervened To Offer Invaluable Help

Date July 23, 2018

Alana Brown’s daughter, Eva, was a regular kid, but one day changed her life. They were visiting the Japanese food restaurant, when suddenly, Eva’s face began to swell up. At first, her mom thought it was just an allergy. Nevertheless, she took her to the hospital, and that decision saved her daughter’s life. But doctor’s words made her life look like a nightmare.

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Right after the medical check-up, Eva was feeling alright, but after some time, the situation got even worse. Alana Brown says:

They treated her, and everything seemed okay. But 45 minutes after we went home, it starts to happen again, but worse.

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It turned out, Eva’s kidneys are in the critical situation and are functioning at four percent efficiency.

Eva’s mom was devastated and was ready to do everything to save her daughter’s life:

I cannot even describe to you, it shook my faith, and I was just on the verge of a breakdown. We didn’t understand what was being told to us, we didn’t know, is my child gonna die?

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Eva needed a kidney transplant, but it was very difficult to find the viable candidate. Friends and relatives were ready to donate their kidney to save little girl’s life, but unfortunately, none of them was a match. Eva’s health condition got worse, and she needed to take around 20-30 pills every day.

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Alana’s friend made a post on Facebook, telling Eva’s story and asking for help. And the teacher, Tanya Thomas, responded.

Alana says:

Somehow Tanya got ahold of the post, and someone gave her my phone number, and we just started texting back and forth, along with the other people who had responded. Slowly, one-by-one, everyone started fading out. But one person stayed, and it was Tanya Thomas.

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Later, it turned out Tanya is working at the same school, Slate Ridge Elementary, where Eva is a student. Tanya Thomas’ kidney was a match, and it was just a miracle.

Eva is really excited about the donation and hopes that one day, she will be able to do the same – save someone’s life.