Woman Who Spent Years Trying To Find Her Long-Lost Sister Found Out She's Living Next Door

Date July 24, 2018 12:52

When Hillary Harris found out she has a sister named Dawn Johnson, she decided to do everything possible to find her. It was very important for Hillary to meet a person who shared the same father with her. But it turned out she was so close that it was even hard to believe. Hillary decided to share her story with the “People” magazine.

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The 31-year-old Hillary was an adopted child and had several other siblings. Nevertheless, she managed to find all of them except for Dawn.

I’d found three other half-siblings on Facebook, but I was having no luck with Dawn. I was beginning to think that I’d never find her.

But one day, she saw a woman next door who was unloading a van together with her husband. These were her new neighbors, so she decided to come up and say “hi”. After the conversation, it turned out they had so much in common:

I learned that the woman’s first name was Dawn, her partner’s name was Kurt Casperson and that she was from Greenwood — the same town where Dawn Johnson had lived according to the obituary I’d found for my father, Wayne Clouse.

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At one moment, she thought it might be her sister. But of course, she couldn’t believe it could be the truth:

I told my husband, ‘Her name is Dawn — what if she’s my sister?’ and we both laughed and said, ‘No way.’ No way could that be.

Hillary was too shy to ask for the neighbor’s last name, but one day changed anything. Hillary saw a large order of shingles had been delivered to the house next door, and there was the last name “Johnson” written on the order.

I screamed and jumped all over the house, then called Lance and said, “Her name is Dawn Johnson! It has to be her!

Of course, she wanted to talk to Dawn – the sister she was looking for so many years:

I started hollering and freaking out, then I called her immediately. We were on the phone for hours that night, crying and talking. Neither of us could believe it.

Hillary and Dawn are always together now and enjoy every moment:

We’re pretty much inseparable now and we know this was meant to be. Our story is living proof that it pays not to give up. Now I tell people who are adopted and searching for parents or siblings to walk over to the house next door and ring the doorbell. You just might be amazed at what you find.