True Or False: Why False Child Sexual Allegations Are Dangerous For Your Kids

Date September 26, 2018 14:09

Before, there were a lot of cases of false allegations of child sexual abuse. Did you know that the daycare child abuse hysteria during the 1980's literally became a witch hunt?

During that period, more and more women started to work outside their houses and left their children in various daycare centers. It resulted in fear and the tendency to believe false accusations, as mothers were feeling guilty for leaving young children with strangers.

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But everything is not as simple as we may think. According to the information from the Media Kit on Sexual Assault, the number of false allegations of child sexual abuse is lower than the number of children who do not disclose such abuse or who lie by saying that it did not occur. Also, children make false allegations of sexual abuse rather rarely.

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But why the myth exists? As reported by the Stop It Now website, there are several reasons for it. Sometimes, it might seem it is easier to believe that a child is confused or lying rather than the abuse took place. Also, adults often forget that kids interpret the world differently, and the disclosure can change over time. It leads to the situation when people around think that the disclosures are false.

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In many cases, adults believe only what they want to hear, and that can be very dangerous for children.

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That is why it is very important to believe your child. It's better to believe allegations and then find out they're false, rather than ignoring the child.

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