People Online Think This 1997 Breastfeeding Episode On Rugrats Was One Of Its Finest Moments. Can A Reboot Top That?

Date July 19, 2018

Fans of the original Nicktoon hit series Rugrats have been beside themselves with joy since Nickelodeon announced its return alongside a live-action movie.

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Mixed reactions

Online, millennials who grew up on the cartoon and even much younger viewers who only got to enjoy it before it's 2004 demise are full of anticipation.

But, one major concern is the quality of the reboot, And especially, the possibility that the live-action movie could ruin their memory of the 90s / early 2000s show.

Breastfeeding episode

Rugrats, as many fans remember it, was one of the best cartoons of the last two decades. And it set the pace for so many other cartoons in the time that it aired.

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Particularly, when it aired the 1997 Mother's Day episode on twins Phil and Lil being nursed by their mom, Betty, it was one of the most forward-thinking scenes on TV and without meaning to, normalized breastfeeding.

Greatest scene ever?

For most fans and cartoon-heads who remain nostalgic about the show, this was one of its finest moments.

They are almost certain that a reboot will make the show lose its magic. Do they have a point?

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