Two Dads Are Going Viral For Handing Out Goody Bags On A 10-Hour Flight With Their Newborn Daughter

Date May 25, 2018

Two dads are breaking the internet with a thoughtful gesture towards their fellow travelers, one of who was Naill Horan of the defunct One Direction.

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World's most considerate parents?

The dads were traveling to Europe with their newborn daughter and it was her first flight.

So they've decided to warn everyone beforehand, just in case things would get a little intense along the way.

They have sent the message in a letter along with a goody bag to all passengers of the Europe-bound flight.

Naill Horan loves them

Horan was clearly touched by the parents and he chose to share their gesture and wish them good luck.

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According to the singer, the baby Marit was quiet throughout the 10-hour flight.

Cool or not?

While their idea earned them goodwill with fellow passengers, it was not entirely original to them.

A New York Times article written in 2016 by their then Upshot editor, Damon Darlin, suggested that parents of irritable children buy the goodwill of their fellow passengers with goody bags.

Darlin acknowledged that he got the idea straight out of mommy blogs who were recommending them as reliable. The trend was well received at the time, but these dads are certainly bringing it back and making it cool. Do you think these goody bags should become a trend?

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