Mother Warns Other Parents About A Danger Of Leaving Laundry Pods Unattended After Her 8-Month-Old Daughter Was Found Crying On The Bathroom Floor

Date August 3, 2018 09:48

Laundry detergent packets are posing dangers to little children, and according to an analysis of the National Poison Data, the instances of laundry pod-related accidents have been on the increase.

A scary experience

Mom Jill Koziol only turned away from her 8-month-old daughter, Cate, for a couple of seconds when chaos erupted. Jill had taken a few moments to check on her toddler, but by the time she returned, Cate had managed to reach a detergent pod and popped it into her mouth. 

Cate's gagging sound was what attracted Jill. The mom, who shared her story with TODAY, felt nothing but terror, as she saw the remains of the pod on the floor and her little girl fighting for air. She immediately grabbed her kid and called the poison control center. 

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An ambulance arrived at her home in a few minutes, and Cate was taken to the hospital.

Cate survived

Thankfully, the little girl did not suffer any lasting damage from the accident. In a Twitter post, she shared pictures of her healthy and happy baby girl and confirmed that Cate was alright.

These laundry detergent packets, also known as laundry pods, can be very dangerous for kids. Because of the way these pods are designed, kids can mistake them for toys or jellies. And when things like this grab a child's attention, they are very likely to reach for it.

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The CDC warns that these and any other poisonous items must always be locked up and kept away from prying eyes and hands. In situations like this, the faster help arrives, the better the chances of survival.

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Not all kids are as lucky as Cate was

Calls to poison control centers between 2013 and 2014 increased by about 17%. This analysis was gotten from the national poison data published in Pediatrics.

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Children who were exposed to laundry packets suffered life-threatening problems, including comas and cardiac arrest. The research also stated that two children died as a result. These packets have been shown to be more toxic than regular detergents like laundry powder.

The Center for Disease Control has advised that all potentially poisonous objects, such as these laundry pods, should be kept locked away and out of the reach of little children.

In addition, you should always have the phone number for the CDC handy as you never know when you might need it.

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