Drunk Man Forgot His 1-Year-Old Child In The Car, But Even The Most Attentive Parent Can Do The Same

Date August 17, 2018

It’s definitely not a thing to boast about, but who hasn’t seen a news about a child left in a hot car for several hours? The internet is full of horrors like this and here's an example. 

Hot car deaths – a big problem

And it’s totally true, as people come to be more and more forgetful. Sometimes, such awful things happen due to the lack of responsibility. Somehow, parents just forget they are parents, and there’s someone who can’t live without them.

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This father’s story is just a proof. The reason he forgot his one-year-old daughter for hours in a hot car was alcohol. Corporal Darryl Wormuth from the Prince George's County Police Department discovered an unconscious man nearby as well as the keys.

The police officer called a medical support immediately, then he pressed the panic button on the key he found but there was no sound. When he returned back to continue his shift, the thought something was wrong didn't leave him.

He drove again to patrol the same area and heard some music from the car and saw a kid in there. Luckily, the child was alive.  

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Experts’ opinion

However, according to expert, David Diamond, Ph.D, a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, there’s such a notion as “forgotten baby syndrome,” and it’s not always parents to blame they forget their kids in cars.

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To be more specific, it’s not about negligence but rather about memory. Diamonds says:

The most common response is that only bad or negligent parents forget kids in cars. It's a matter of circumstances. It can happen to everyone.

When the working memory fails, such as when we’re distracted or stressed, there can be catastrophic implications.

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Parents want to solve this big problem

With the alarming number of such cases over the past few years, lots of parents got really worried about the problem. One father has even created an app that helps parents not forget their kids in the car.  

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45-year-old father-of-three, Erin J. O’Connor, called it the BackSeat. The app starts working when the car’s speed is over 20mph, and when it stops moving, there is a reminder about children in the car.

It’s totally fascinating how proactive people can be when they want. This father shows we can tackle even memory problems. The thing that is still left to take care of is negligence.

Take care of yourself and your children and stay safe. Share this post with your friends to raise awareness.

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