Should Our Government Do More To Save Children From Hot Car Deaths Or Are The Parents Alone To Blame?

Date August 9, 2018

The community got used to blaming parents who neglect their duties and forget children for hours in hot cars. Of course, it is totally wrong and inappropriate behavior. No doubt! But maybe our government also has to take some measures to change the sad statistics of kids’ deaths?

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Statistics on tragic cases

Statistics show that around 37 children die every year in a hot car in the United States. Summer time is especially dangerous.

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In most cases, a child has been forgotten in a vehicle due to parents’ neglect. However, some experts explain that such adults’ behavior is caused by constant stress, fatigue, and depression-related disorders.

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Nevertheless, the recent statistics is pretty sad, and the number of fatal accidents grows every year. What should we do to stop it?

Should the government do more to save children?

We truly believe that all problems related to children safety and well-being should be solved on the government level as well.


For example, in 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the national nonprofit, which highlights problems of children and cars, including hot cars deaths.

KidsAndCars organization cooperates with national and local television, as well as radio stations nationwide, telling real-life stories to help keep all children safe.


But maybe the government needs to work on more initiatives and regulations to save our children?

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Important information for all parents!

Dear parents! A child left in a hot car can die of heat stroke very quickly, but this tragedy can and must be prevented. We hope this guide will be useful for everyone:

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  1. Always check the back seat to make sure all children are out of the car before walking away.
  2. Do not distract on phone call and other stuff while driving or parking.
  3. Cars can heat up 20 degrees in 10 minutes. So, never leave your child unattended in a vehicle, even if it's a cloudy day.
  4. Put your cell phone or purse in the back seat. In this way, you definitely won’t forget about your child sitting nearby.
  5. If you ask someone to drive your child, don’t forget to call this person afterward and make sure your kid reached a destination safely.

Of course, children’s safety is their parents’ responsibility. But what’s the sense to look for a guilty one when a tragedy did happen? Everything is in our own hands, so let’s do something to make our kids’ future safe and happy.

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