6-Year-Old Twins Bravely Save A 3-Year-Old Girl From Drowning In A Pool

Date July 17, 2018

Every summer, officials remind parents to follow pool safety rules with their children. The story of two 6-year-old twins who bravely saved a toddler from drowning in a pool will be a good reminder for all adults to learn water safety rules by heart.

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Hero brothers rescue a toddler

Peyton and Bryant Walters, 6-year-old twins from Ohio, share not only a close brothers’ bond, but also heroism and courage.

Amy Walters and her boyfriend decided to spend a summer vacation together with Amy’s sons and take the boys for a Disney World trip. After arriving, the family stayed at a hotel near the airport in Orlando.

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Amy and her partner wanted to have some rest after the flight, and they went to swim at the hotel pool. Peyton and Bryant joined the adults too.

They are like little fish and would live in the water if you'd let them.

The family enjoyed the day in the pool, and the twins showed no signs of wanting to stop. Amy told CBS News:

As always, the boys wanted to stay and swim longer. So DJ said he would stay down with them and I could go pack things up.

Not far from them, there was a mother with a 3-year-old girl named Charlie. The girl's mom began packing their things up, while her daughter kept playing in the water. At some moment, the woman lost sight of the toddler, and Charlie ran over to the deep end.

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Peyton and Bryant were the first who noticed that little Charlie got into trouble when her head disappeared beneath the water surface. Without hesitating a minute, Peyton jumped into the pool and came to the rescue.

He wrapped his arm around her and swam her over to the ladder, where Bryant was. Bryant then helped her up the ladder.

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Fortunately, none of the children got hurt. The boys’ brave actions helped save the girl from drowning. Peyton and Bryant are true heroes despite their young age.

Pool safety rules

We won’t get tired to remind all adults with kids to follow swimming pool safety rules:

1. Watch children all the time while they are in a pool.

2. With toddlers, an adult should be in the water and within arm’s reach.

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3. With older children, pay constant attention to how they play in a pool. Do not get distracted by talking on a phone or chatting with other adults.

4. Keep toys away from a pool.

5. Keep electrical appliances away from a pool.

6. Do not let children run on a pool deck.

7. Check how deep the water is before letting your kids swim there.

Keep safe!

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