FBI Showed A Real-Life Video Of A Girl Being Kidnapped From The Street To Warn Other Parents

Date October 8, 2018 10:39

Who is more innocent and trusting than kids? Nobody. That is why children can easily become the victims of kidnapping. But how can we protect our sons and daughters from the potential risk?

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Real kidnapping case

Parents, who teach their children not to talk to strangers or sit into their cars, definitely do the right thing. But how can they be sure their kids actually follow these safety rules? Besides, sometimes potential abductors act unpredictably, and a child simply doesn’t realize he/she is in danger.

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In 2017, FBI Chicago shared a real-life video of child kidnapping in order to find the witnesses of the ongoing case.

On December 20, 2017, a stranger grabbed a girl as she walked on the sidewalk near Burnham Avenue in Calumet City. The man forced the child into his car and drove away. Everything happened in a couple of seconds. The girl even couldn’t scream or ask for help.

At that time, FBI shared the video hoping to find witnesses, but we decided to share it with you so that parents could see how real this danger is.

The story has a good ending. The girl managed to escape, while her abductor was arrested.

How to save your child from kidnapping

It’s every parent’s responsibility to teach kids what to do in case of abduction. These simple tips can save your child from potential danger:

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1. Teach your kid not to talk to strangers without your permission.

2. Tell the kid to never get into a car with a stranger.

3. Teach your child these two techniques in case of abduction:

- make a lot of noise to capture attention and frighten off an abductor;

- grab something (a tree, a bike, a stop sign, etc.) and don’t let go. This makes harder for an abductor to hurt the child.

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According to FBI, the missing people statistics in 2016 showed that female victims under 18 fall under the highest risk of abduction. Please, follow these safety rules above to make sure that none of your family members will become a victim of the offenders.

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