“My Husband Died Two Weeks Ago And I Feel Like It's A Message From Him." Woman Shares Her Story Of A ‘Kindness Rock’

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August 15, 2018 12:37 By Fabiosa

Sometimes, one good word from a stranger can change somebody’s life for the better. The power of kindness can work wonders.

Have you ever heard about the ‘Kindness Rocks’? A woman that stands behind this unique and powerful project shared her story of finding inspiration and faith at the moment when her entire life turned upside down.

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The Kindness Rocks Project

Leslie Hall from Massachusetts still remembers how her world just fell apart when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Leslie was on her way home after chemotherapy when she came across a painted rock with some words written on it. The woman approached the finding and read the message “Kind Soul.”

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For some reason, these two simple words made a great influence upon Leslie. She took the rock with her as a sign that something great should happen in her life.

Several days later, Hall found another painted rock with the words “You are loved.” From that moment, the woman was inspired to spread the same kindness to others.

For years, Murphy had walked the beach looking for heart-shaped rocks. She started writing messages on the rocks similar to those that helped her in the darkest times. She wrote good words, inspirational quotes, and even song lyrics.

Hall explained:

I thought about, what's the message that I would want to find? I used anything that would spark something.

Later, Hall launched a Facebook page and began working on her ‘The Kindness Rocks Project’ aimed to spread joy and goodwill nationwide.

Message from the other side

One day, Leslie was working on her ‘kind rocks’ in the garden. A strange woman approached her and asked whether she could take one of the rocks.

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The woman explained that the wording on the rock spoke to her. She had lost her husband two weeks ago and felt that it was a message from him from the other side.

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Of course, Leslie let the woman take the rock which had so special meaning for her.

Sometimes you find the perfect rock at the perfect time with the perfect message. It just lets you know everything is going to be OK.

Sometimes, all of us need the right message at the right moment. One kind word is capable of changing human life for the best. Just take a try and you’ll be amazed by a magical impact of spreading kindness.

What will be your rock message to others? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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