Rare Form Of Cancer Hasn’t Stopped This Woman From Spreading Hope And Kindness With Painted Rocks

Date August 15, 2018 12:22

Whatever is happening in your life now, remember one thing – never lose hope! You may be surprised by the power of hope and kindness which are capable of doing real miracles.    

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Ashley’s story

Ashley Reaves Linden is 35. The woman was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer several years ago. Ashley had to visit the Duke Hospital nearly every week for treatment. But the disease did not stop the woman from spreading love and kindness to other patients.

 Ashley said that visiting the hospital for scans is

always a nervous time of high anxiety, making the time leading up to the scan and awaiting results miserable.

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Ashley decided to turn this sad routine into something unusual and inspiring.  Every time Linden came to the hospital, she brought ‘kindness rocks’ with her to give them to other patients.

These are the pained rocks with inspirational messages written on them. It could be powerful quotes, song lyrics, or simply a couple of kind words addressed to another person.

Ashley explained that seeing how other people react to her ‘kindness rocks’ make her heart fill with joy and happiness. Sometimes, one good word can change somebody’s life for the better and fill it with hope. /

Ashley launched a Facebook page where people can share their real-life stories and support each other during the difficult times.

One woman named Cheryl wrote:

I picked up a painted kindness rock and read the message on the back. I felt so overwhelmed. This rock is going to give me strength. This rock will be with me throughout all of this. Your rock is hope. Thank you.

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Linden said she feels amazing that her ‘kindness rocks’ are able to comfort others in the weakest moments of their life.

The Kindness Rocks Project

Have you ever heard about ‘The Kindness Rocks Project’? It’s a unique organization aimed to spread joy and goodwill nationwide.

Its founder, Leslie Hall from Massachusetts, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she found one of such ‘kindness rocks’ that changed her life completely. From that moment, Leslie launched her own project to help other people who require hope and support to go through the dark times.

Hall explained:

I thought about, what's the message that I would want to find? I used anything that would spark something.

 ‘The Kindness Rocks Project’ has grown nationwide. People around the country join this movement of spreading kindness. You can follow their example and make a rock of your own. What will be your message you want to share with others?

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