Expert Named A Reason Why People Are Ready To Demonize Parents Whose Kids Die In Hot Cars. Are You Sure It Won’t Happen To You?

Date August 14, 2018

You would never forget your child in a car, right? Because what kind of people are capable of doing this?! Only monsters, most people say.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist named the reason why people are ready to demonize parents whose kids die of a heatstroke in hot cars.

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Parents that live kids in hot cars: monsters or overstressed people?

Leaving children unattended in vehicles is not just very dangerous, it can be fatal in most cases. Summer is the deadliest season. According to the recent study, around 35-40 children in America annually die of a heatstroke after been left in hot cars.

Is there an excuse for their parents? Who is to blame in such a situation? Is there any sense at all to find a guilty when a tragedy did happen?

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Fabiosa released a series of posts covering the topic of kids’ deaths in hot cars. Our readers couldn’t stay indifferent and started sharing their opinions and useful tips on how to prevent a similar situation in the comments.

We are really grateful to everyone who expressed their opinions on this vitally important problem. We always knew that our readers are smart and thoughtful people, good parents, and are pretty sure none of them will let a similar situation happen to their kids.

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To be 100% sure that your children are safe, we want to discuss one more essential point considering this matter.

Famous journalist shares his opinion

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Gene Norman Weingarten, named the reason why people have a need to demonize parents whose kids die of a heatstroke in hot cars.

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It may sound weird, but the reason is pretty simple. Parents believe any other person can leave a child in a car but not them. Only monsters are capable of doing this! Right? -  Wrong!

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 40 million adults in the US are affected by stress, anxiety, and depression-related disorders. So, maybe, we should not judge parents so strictly?

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Our point is to make people think about the possible danger until it’s too late. It is a mistake to think that bad things can happen to others but not to us. It is always better to prevent a tragedy rather than to deal with its consequences, especially when it comes to safety and happiness of our children.

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Please, read one more time this guideline on how to save our kids from ‘hot cars’ danger. Share this information with other parents and keep your children safe.

Again, we look forward to reading your opinions in the comments. Let’s join our forces and try to change the sad statistics for the sake of our kids.  

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