Father Left His 1-Year-Old Daughter In A Hot Truck For The Whole Day! How To Avoid Situations Like That

Date August 8, 2018 09:51

How does it happen that adults do not forget their cell phones, iPods, and other ‘important’ stuff in a car, but on a daily basis, they keep reading the news about a child’s death after being forgotten inside a vehicle? Is it a normal thing? How many kids should die to make parents realize the danger and become responsible?

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Horrifying statistics

Statistics shows that around 37 children die every year in a hot car in the United States. Sound awful, doesn’t it?

According to CNN and ‘Kids and Cars’ organization, this number grows every year. July and August are usually the ‘deadliest’ months. In most cases, a child has been forgotten in a vehicle due to parents’ neglect. In other cases, kids accidentally lock themselves in a car.

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One-year-old girl dies after been forgotten in a truck

The tragic incident that occurred in a Nashville family is another reminder of how important this problem is.

A one-year-old girl died after her father left her for all day in a hot truck. Police reveal that the father had earlier dropped the girl’s sibling at a daycare center, then he returned home, while the toddler spent the whole day locked inside the hot vehicle.

The baby wasn’t discovered until her mother came back home in the evening. The girl was immediately taken to a hospital in a critical condition. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it and was pronounced dead on arrival.

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How not to leave your children in a hot car to death!

Leaving children unattended in vehicles is not just very dangerous, it can be fatal in some cases. For all frustrated and too busy parents, there are several useful tips that can help not leave kids in a hot car for hours.

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1. Have an object like a toy in the front seat as a reminder that you have a child in the back.

2. Use electronic tags connected to a cell phone to remind you about ‘baby on board.’

3. You may actually put a ‘baby on board’ sign not just on the back of your car but in front of your eyes as well.

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4. Put your purse or briefcase next to your child's car seat to make sure you won’t forget your baby while looking for a purse.

5. If you ask a family member or a friend to take your child to a daycare, for instance, make sure to call him/her and ask whether the kid is fine and reached a destination.  

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Dear parents, we know how busy you are today. But please, do not neglect your parenting duties and common sense, because the cost of your mistake may be too high and tragic.

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