Warning! What Domestic Chemicals Can Be Fatal For Your Children And Need To Be Taken Off Your Home Right Now

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August 6, 2018 12:52 By Fabiosa

After so many articles been written and so many stories been told about the danger of domestic chemicals to children, they still continue to get poisoned by household products or cosmetics. Unfortunately, some parents mistakenly think it could happen to any other child but not their own. Wrong!

Statistics of the kids poisoning with chemicals is alarming.  Which of them could be fatal for our children and better to be taken off right now?! Let’s find out.

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Statistics is alarming!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300 children are treated in the U.S. every day and two die as a result of poisoning.

The number of fatal cases increased by 17% from the previous year. The risk group involves kids aged 1-5. More than 22,000 children, mostly under age 3, were exposed to laundry packets poisoning in that period. 

Children are more susceptible to unintentional poisoning than adults. In most cases, the consequences can be dramatic.

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How to prevent kids poisoning at home

Experts analyzed a group of household products and made a list of those potentially dangerous to little children:

  • laundry packets;
  • dishwasher packets;
  • drain and toilet cleaners;
  • furniture polish;
  • glue;
  • glass cleaners;
  • cosmetics, perfumes;
  • medications.

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Parents should follow this guideline to avoid kids poisoning at home:

  1. Store potential poisons including detergents and chemical products out of reach and out of sight of children.
  2. Store chemical products in their original containers only.
  3. Always keep food and potential poisons separately. Children can mistakenly identify some food products that look alike to chemicals.
  4. Install safety locks on all cabinets which contain chemicals to restrict access to children.
  5. Keep your kids away from areas that have been sprayed recently with pesticides or other chemicals.
  6. Pay particular attention to laundry packets. They are colorful and look like a candy, so kids are poisoning by them a lot.

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Laundry packets danger

Experts discover that laundry packets are more toxic than other detergents we keep at home. The risk of unintentional poisoning increases because most laundry packs are colorful and attractive to kids.

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The CDC highly recommends keeping laundry packs out of sight of curious children!

By the way, Shailesh Jejurikar, president of P&G Fabric Care which manufacturers such popular detergents as Gain and Tide, stresses that their company makes its packaging more difficult for children to open. Several years ago, they even set up ad campaigns to emphasize the safety of laundry packs storage in households.

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So, what it's all about? In most cases, children get poisoned by domestic chemicals because of inappropriate supervision of their parents or other adults. We need to evaluate the level of general education and public awareness of safe storage, enhanced vigilance, and parents’ control.

Please, share this information with other adults. Let’s do something to prevent a tragedy rather than to deal with its tragic consequences!

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