“I Begged God To Take Me, Not My Child!" How To Avoid The Same Terrible Situation And Not To Lose Your Child In A Hot Car

Date August 13, 2018 09:34

Are you sure you would never forget your own child in a car? 100% sure?

You will be surprised, but all parents who did forget their children for hours in hot cars were absolutely confident it could not happen to them. Unfortunately, they were mistaken.

“I begged God to take me, not my child!”

More and more kids die in hot vehicles every year. The sad statistics does not lie: the number of fatal cases equals around 37 deaths in the US per year. Do you think it’s horrible? No! It’s catastrophic!

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Fatal Distraction is a documented film about parents who lost their children in hot cars. People share their true stories to warn other adults about the danger. Parents share their thoughts on how it did happen, what they felt, including terrible guilt and shaming.

In the film promo, you’ll see a father who gets very emotional when recalls his story of a son’s loss. His child died of a heatstroke in a hot car. The father said the phrase that made our hearts hurt:

I’ve killed my son. I begged God to take me, not my child!

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Please, watch Fatal Distraction promo to avoid situations like those described in the film. It if can save at least one child’s life, then it’s totally worse it!

Important information for all parents!

Nowadays, when people live in a constant stress, more and more people keep doing the same mistake – forget their children in hot cars for hours.

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These simple but useful rules will be helpful for all parents to make sure they will not do this fatal mistake:

1. Do not let your child continue sleeping in a car after you have arrived at your destination.

2. Put your purse or briefcase next to your child's car seat to make sure you won’t forget your baby while looking for your stuff.

3.  Use electronic tags on your phone to remind you about a child in your car.

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4. ‘Baby on board’ sign in front of your eyes will be also a good reminder.

5. Make a check-list of your daily routine and mark “Do not forget my baby in the car!” point in red.

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Dear parents, if you are even 200% sure you would never leave your baby in a hot car, we still ask you to learn these simple rules by hard. Please, do it for the sake of your own children!

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