7-Year-Old Girl Believes Living With Down Syndrome Is All About Being "Powerful And Extra Kind"

Date June 14, 2019

Even though having a child with Down syndrome might not be easy, it is important not to forget they need our love and support. As with other kids, it is necessary to establish trustworthy relations and to show they can always rely on their parents like all other kids. Some parents are really good at that, and the story of the Ochalek family is a great example of it.

Nothing stopped Lauren Ochalek from loving her daughter, even when she received the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Moreover, she managed to find right words for her baby girl, so she could feel herself indeed special and loved.

Ellie on having a Down syndrome

Ellie is now a 7-year-old girl, who can tell so much about her Down syndrome! That is why because her mother, Lauren Ochalek, frequently talks with her about it.

While our lives do not revolve around Down syndrome in the least, we often talk about Down syndrome so that Ellie is familiar. We embrace the fact that she is more like her typical peers than not, but we also want her to be familiar with Down syndrome and what that means for her as a unique individual. We love watching her come into her own as a confident self-advocate.


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Moreover, sometimes they even make jokes about it and Ellie tells Lauren that she also has Down syndrome.

She does often debate that I too have an extra chromosome

When Lauren asks Ellie what makes her extra special, the girls respond "powerful," "extra kind" and "gratitude."

Lauren is confident her daughter can achieve everything in this world.

We have also talked a lot about her extra chromosome meaning that she may have to work extra hard to achieve things, however, she also understands that she is bright, talented, and no less capable than anyone else, and that she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to.

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And she is correct❤️ I think if everybody else had an extra chromosome we would all be loving and show gratitude towards everybody less hate!


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Their family is so inspiring!