Naval Officer Planned A Surprise Visit Home For Dad's Birthday, But She Wasn't Expecting His Heart-Melting Reaction

Date October 4, 2018 14:37

A U.S. Navy officer, Tate Ingram, has shared with her Twitter followers the incredibly sweet thing she did to surprise her father on his birthday and she has since become an internet sensation.

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She visited home not too long ago

About a month before, Ingram dropped by to see her mom and shared a GIF of Forest Gump running really fast, telling her followers that she could not wait to be reunited with her mom.

A photo from her brief visit was shared by another Twitter user, Aylissa Ingram, her sister. The uniform-clad Tate was grinning from ear to ear in the fun family selfie. But she had to leave for her duty station soon after.

Another impromptu visit for a special reason

She returned sooner than expected about a month later and it turns out this sudden visit was for a special reason and her mom and sister were probably in on it.

Her dad's birthday was presumably on June 4 and she decided to pull off the cutest surprise on him, but she was not expecting his reaction.

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In the video shared with her Twitter followers, her dad lost it and began to jump and speak incoherently as he rushed to lift her in the air. He hugged her as tightly as he could for a long time. 

Even when she warned him about her white uniform because he was all sweaty, he did not let go. Then, overcome by emotions, he began to cry.


People were touched by this beautiful gesture and her father's heart-melting reaction to seeing his daughter again after less than a month of absence. And the family also made sure to welcome her in grand style.

The emotional dad is clearly not used to having his baby girl away from home serving her country but he'll have to learn.

Ingram has since returned back to her service station and announced on Twitter that this time she would be out of reach for about 4 months. What a brave, sweet girl! We salute her.

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