How To Prevent Child Abuse? 10 Most Essential Recommendations Anyone Can Follow

Date October 30, 2018 16:04

Today’s society has lots of critical issues that are needed to be resolved as soon as possible. Some may even pose a threat to humankind, for instance, global warming or extreme political conflicts. But what about child abuse? Unfortunately, this issue remains extremely relevant nowadays. And with the growth of population, it becomes even more important. Every day, many children experience horrible effects of parental neglect and sexual abuse. Some kids can be constantly pressured because of emotional abuse and think of committing suicide, and the horrifying truth is that many of them actually take their own life.

So what can we do about? The answer is a lot! There are many ways to prevent child abuse, not to mention that you can always report any suspected case. In this article, we are trying to shed light on child abuse prevention and raise awareness about one of the most important problems in the world.

How To Prevent Child Abuse? 10 Most Essential Recommendations Anyone Can FollowHow To Prevent Child Abuse? 10 Most Essential Recommendations Anyone Can FollowAfrica Studio /

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Child abuse concerns everyone

If you still think child abuse is not your problem or that your child is totally safe, you’d be unpleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a high chance you are abusing your children and not knowing about it. Child neglect is one of the most common types of child abuse, and parents are the most common abusers, according to different studies.

Another horrible type of child abuse is sexual abuse. Believe it or not, the most common abusers are also parents and other family relatives. Even such exceptional celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Oprah Winfrey and Jane Fonda were sexually abused in their childhood.

Child abuse is not only about extreme manifestations: physical and emotional abuse can be seen all over the place: parents hitting children, teachers calling names, older children bullying younger kids, etc. We definitely need to do something about it, as the horrible effects of child abuse shouldn’t be underestimated: child suicide, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health issues…

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Child abuse prevention is key for healthy society

Experts suggest many tips on how to prevent child abuse, but we would like to offer 10 simple and most essential recommendations or ways that anyone can follow:

1. Spending time and energy

We all know that nothing gets done if you don’t spend enough of your time and energy on it. Such a huge issue like child abuse especially is time and energy-consuming. You can volunteer your resources and get involved with our parents to help children. Launching or joining groups related to questions of parenting and child abuse is always a great idea.

2. Discipline your children

Many people perceive discipline as something bad or exclusively army related. However, it is important to teach your children discipline, as it is one of the key factors of success in life of every person. What’s even more important is how you discipline them. Don’t train your children while you are in a bad mood. Stay calm and collected during the process and give yourself and your trainee time-outs.

3. Analyze your own behavior

Studies show that parents are the most common child abusers. It is important always to remember that any actions have consequences and that your behavior has the most significant impact on your children, especially when they are young. Examine your behavior and find out what beliefs, words, or actions could harm your children.

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4. Education is everything

Even now, while reading this article, you are educating yourself. Seems quite obvious, isn’t it? However, you could be reading some yellow press or simply watch TV right now. The more you learn, the more you understand. The more you know, the more you can share. Educate yourself to become the best parent in the world and deserve that cup or T-shirt you child gifted you. Share your knowledge with other parents, so that they could also become better. Isn’t it a great way to make the whole world a better place to live in?

5. Make sure children know their rights

If children know they have the right to be safe and that their parents love them unconditionally, they are more likely to report child abuse. Just think about it for a minute. Children tend to think that abuse is their fault exactly because their parents failed to teach them their rights.

6. Child abuse prevention programs

Isn’t it better to prevent child abuse rather than dealing with all the horrible consequences? Family counseling and nurse visits have proven to help a lot of people and prevent thousands of child abuse cases. You can also consult any child abuse prevention center nearby or online.

How To Prevent Child Abuse? 10 Most Essential Recommendations Anyone Can FollowFearful child showing stop sign with hand against child abuse271 EAK MOTO /

7. What is child abuse?

One of the crucial factors that can prevent child abuse is a full understanding of what it is. It is often parents who fail to provide their children with needed food, water, clothing, and basic care and attention. Remember, child abuse is not only about physical and sexual abuse.

8. What are the signs of child abuse?

It may be extremely hard to recognize child abuse, because the signs can be subtle, hidden, or misinterpreted. However, it is basically impossible to notice any case of child abuse if you don’t know the signs.

9. Report abuse

We are responsible for not just our children’s safety because it is simply embedded in our blood. Wouldn’t you help a crying little child sitting alone in some public place? Most likely, yes. If you notice any child abuse or neglect, it is very important to report it. Don’t close your eyes to the issue.

10. Help yourself

The last but not least is self-neglect. You may ask how it is related to your children. For example, when you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or stressed after a hard working day, you simply don’t have enough energy or are way too tense. You might simply take all your problems on your children by yelling, ignoring, or even worse.  Try to take time-outs and revitalize yourself.

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You can take an active part in the solution of the child abuse issue. By simply educating yourself and sharing your knowledge and experience, you are already helping a lot. Although April is the national child abuse prevention month, you can fight against the problem and help other children all the year round.

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