3 Horrible Stories About Domestic Violence That Prove The Problem Is Real

Date November 9, 2018 09:51

People in close relationships suppose to love and support each other. But that happens only in healthy relationships. The truth, though, is that there is so much violence and abuse in today’s society, that healthy relationships seem to be something unusual and exceptionally rare. We believe, however, that this can be fixed by educating yourself on this topic and sharing the knowledge. We want to tell a few domestic violence stories that can teach so many things.

Unfortunately, many stories of domestic violence result in the death of the victim. According to recent stats, nearly 40% of killed women were murdered by their partners or ex-partners. But don’t you think that it is only women who suffer from domestic abuse. It was estimated that every fourth woman and every seventh man would experience severe intimate partner violence in their lifetime. If that’s not a good reason to address this issue as soon as possible, we don’t know what is. Let’s learn from the following stories about how to prevent domestic violence.

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Domestic abuse stories

1. Protecting the children

Katherine met her future abuser and instantly found him charming. He even told her that he couldn’t stand men who punch their wives. And he indeed did not punch her. Instead, he would kick her, push her, cal her names, isolate her from every person who cared, and completely destroy her self-esteem. He would blame Katherine and their children for his aggression and violence. She would believe that it’s all her fault. He even threatened to kill them all, including the children. Things changed when he started abusing children. Katherine called her old friend and told her everything.

It turned out that she wasn’t alone. She received help at the Domestic Violence Center. Katherine slowly but surely got her self-esteem revitalized. Moreover, the court prohibited the abuser from ever contacting her or children again. Katherine found the strength inside her to call for help, and luckily, there were people willing to rescue her.

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2. The story of another chance

Anna knew about her husband’s family history of abuse and violence, but she fell in love with him and believed he would change when he moved away from the parents. But he would slowly but surely follow in the parents’ footsteps. The abuser threatened to kill them both, and when Anna gave birth, the mental abuse and sexual addiction escalated. He belted Anna one day so hard that the woman partially lost hearing. He had multiple affairs. But she loved him. That’s what she thought. But that wasn’t true. That was a horrible domestic abuse story, which she had to change.

Things changed when Anna had to constantly stop him from having sex with their daughter for several weeks and when he threw a knife at their son. She realized such behavior was beyond what is acceptable. She undertook counseling and demanded her husband to get out of the house for good. Her psychologist helped her understand that no one deserves to be abused. Anna opens up about the hell she was living in:

It’s easy to say “GET OUT,” but I know what it feels like wanting to give a fifth, sixth, and seventh chance.

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3. Men don’t cry

The next domestic violence story is about a male victim. David was a single dad and married a woman who later became his torturer. She would shift blame all the time saying it was his fault. She constantly belittled him, hit him, and forced to have sex whenever she wants. She kept saying that he deserved it for being a bad husband. Even his mother thought it was all his fault, that he did something to make her behave like that. The tortures continued for several years, when at one day she left. She took his energy and hope, nearly all of it.

David’s children got him through this horror. Even after falling into severe depression and losing his job, he knew that they need him. They were the only people in the world who didn’t abandon him. The counselor helped David realize that he was raped, that he was abused. But she also made it clear that it wasn’t his fault. Men don’t cry, they die slowly. Luckily in this horrible story, the victim of domestic violence has found strength in his children, who were always there for him, and managed to survive.

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Rules of wisdom

We believe that domestic abuse shouldn’t be tolerated. Everyone who goes through abuse should remember these short, simple, yet so powerful pieces of advice:

  1. You are not alone, there are people who can help.
  2. No one deserves to be physically or sexually abused, manipulated, belittled.
  3. Abusers never change. You cannot sacrifice your life.

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Yes, we understand. It may sound so simple and so easy to do, but for many victims of domestic violence, it is extremely hard to escape from this prison. But be sure, it is possible! You have so much more to give, and you deserve a better life. Don’t let anyone change that in your head. And for those who become witnesses of domestic abuse, please, don’t close your eyes to the issue. It’s not just a “family matter.” Report the incident, especially if you believe it is life-threatening. Sometimes, you are the only one who can help.

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