If We Learn True Reasons For Kidnapping, It Will Be Easier To Protect Our Children

Date November 7, 2018

Although the statistics show major improvement, kidnapping still remains one of the biggest problems in society, despite the development of different safety devices and technologies. Partially, because of how brutal it can be. All those horrible stories about abducted children that were used for ransom or even worse, as sex toys simply cannot be considered single cases. How can we prevent it from happening and protect our loved ones? Maybe understanding the reasons and motives behind kidnapping would help us with this difficult goal?

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Kidnapping causes: reasons behind the horrible crime

There can be many different motives for kidnapping someone, and sometimes people don’t even realize the full horror of their actions. Some people do it for money, others for pleasure. Let’s look at the most common kidnapping causes.

1. Unemployment and poverty

There is still a significant amount of unemployed people in the US – around 4%, according to the recent BLS household survey. But the poverty rate is much higher – 12.3%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau report. In case of kidnappings for ransom, people often feel forced to commit the crime because of the poverty. For that same reason, they might steal food, rob banks, and break into houses. For such people, kidnapping often represents the way to survive. It is worth mentioning that kidnappings motivated by this reason occur significantly less often than in underdeveloped countries.

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2. Ritual and spiritual motives

One of the factors which can be considered rare is a religious motive. In some cultures, people kidnap children or other adults to perform religious rituals. Sometimes, these rituals may even include sacrifices to the gods. Spiritual kidnappings can also happen when a kidnapper abducts children because of the false religious beliefs. For instance, the kidnapper might think they are a prophet or God’s messenger and simply do his will.

3. Political reasons

Sometimes kidnappings occur due to political shenanigans. In such cases, the kidnappings are a powerful tool to impact one political group or another. Such kidnappings often occur during political campaigns and on the eve of elections.

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4. Sexual deviations

Some severe sexual deviations, like pedophilia, can become a reason for kidnapping. People abduct young girls and boys to satisfy their sexual needs. Arguably the most horrible type of kidnapping happens rarely, but unfortunately, only a small percentage of victims survive.

5. Losing child-custody rights

Statistically, parental abduction is a predominant type of kidnapping. More than 200,000 children are kidnapped by their own parents. This usually happens when a parent loses custody over their child or is afraid of losing it at the upcoming court process. However, in many cases of parental kidnapping, revenge is the crucial factor, not the child’s safety. That’s why this type of kidnapping poses a huge threat to children. It has been proven that the consequences of such kidnapping can be devastating.

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Safety rules

As you can see, people kidnap for many different horrible reasons. Which is why, as a parent, you have to talk to your children and teach them the main rules of safety:

  1. In case of kidnapping – not just scream, but call out words like “Help!” or “This is not my dad!”
  2. Never accept an invitation to a ride from strangers.
  3. Kidnappers may look like regular people or even pretend to be police officers, doctors, or religious people.
  4. Explain to your child that if somebody knows their name, it doesn’t mean they are trustworthy.
  5. Avoid dark and deserted places.

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We believe that understanding the roots of a problem is mandatory for its prevention. Therefore, we hope that knowing the kidnapping causes will help you to protect your loved ones from such a horrible thing. Every child has the right to be safe.

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