Worried About Child Kidnapping? Learn About The Common Lures, Places And The Most Dangerous States

Date October 23, 2018

To protect your child from kidnapping, you should know who is more likely to be abducted, as well as where and how it can happen. All of us have heard stories about bearded men in dark grey coats that lure girls and boys with candies, toys, or some kind of a cute animal into their minivans and sexually abuse and then murder them. But do things like that happen in real life? Let’s figure it out and learn the typical cases that can help us to prevent similar scenarios from happening to your child.

Statistically, more than 700,000 children go missing each year. This doesn’t necessarily imply they are being abducted, as nearly 90% of these children simply misunderstand their parents or come home late enough to make the family anxious and worried.  You should know that despite such huge numbers, nearly 99% of all missing children cases end up positively – they come back home safe and sound. Now that you are a bit calmer, we will describe the most common child kidnapping scenarios.

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The most common child kidnappers’ lures

It is not a secret that thieves are forced to become more creative, as safety technologies develop more with each year. Exactly the same happens with kidnappers – they come up with new lures and ways to bait naïve children into their traps.

1. Help lure

It is embedded in human nature to help others in need. You can notice how this principle works in innocent, kind children, who can easily become victims of such lure. The kidnapper might say that they need help to find their lost dog, for example, or carry something into their car.

2. “Parents in trouble” lure

What is the scariest thing for practically every child – of course when something terrible happens to their parents. The kidnapper can pretend the child’s parent got into a horrible car accident, for example, or that something happened at home and they need to drive there immediately.

3. Gifts and animals lure

These two lures aren’t necessarily new or original. However, kidnappers still often use them, as they do work. Children love gifts and cute animals. Therefore, you should explain that they shouldn’t accept any gifts or invitations to play with pets.

4. Social media lure

With the beginning of the social media era, kidnappers learned how to use this new construct to lure naïve children. The news agencies all over the world warn parents about the new danger, as modern children are extremely susceptible to this bait. Since kids are keen on becoming famous online, they add complete strangers into their friend list, which is basically as if they would talk to strangers in real life and tell them lots of their personal information. It has never been so easy for predators to lure victims.

5. Gaming lure

This works almost like in the case of the social media lure, but oriented toward children who play online games. The children might agree to meet with complete strangers just because they are avid game fans. Unfortunately, since these methods are relatively new, many parents don’t know about the hidden dangers and can’t protect their children.

Another common lures include the name lure, where the kidnapper calls the child by his or her name, so that they become more trustworthy; the fame lure, where the abductor promises a modeling contract in a popular agency; the authority lure, where the kidnapper presents as an authority figure, like a doctor or a police officer.

Worried About Child Kidnapping? Learn About The Common Lures, Places And The Most Dangerous /

Where do most child abductions occur?

Unfortunately, the statistics are unclear on this matter. According to different reports, child kidnapping can occur basically anywhere. However, there are some certain places that definitely should be highlighted. The most common places of child abduction include the following:

  • street;
  • home;
  • locked or unlocked car;
  • store;
  • hospital;
  • church;
  • child development center.

Interestingly enough, according to the Third National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children, NISMART-3, the first contact of the kidnapper with the child in 80% of all non-family abductions occurs near the victim’s house, within a quarter mile to be precise.

The kidnappers may be lurking on the streets. They can steal your child at the store or even at your local church. One of the most common patterns is when the kidnapper follows their target everywhere, analyzing and learning the behavior and schedule to find the right approach and place where to commit the crime.

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Which state has the most unsolved missing children’s cases?

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), the following states have the most unsolved missing children’s cases, thus being the most dangerous ones to raise children.


Unsolved cases














New York



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On the other hand, the following states are considered one of the safest ones, as they have the lowest number of such unsolved cases.


Unsolved cases


Rhode Island



South Dakota



West Virginia



District of Columbia



North Dakota



As you can clearly see, the discrepancy is absolutely huge. Would you like to raise your child in a state with so many unsolved cases, which means that many of the missing children may indeed be kidnapped and even dead? Or maybe you would prefer to live in a rather safe state, where you can be sure even if your child goes missing, he will be found safe and sound?

What gender gets kidnapped more often?

Females get kidnapped more often than males. Not only this trend is linked with the fact that nearly three-quarters of runaways are girls, but also related to the fact that most of stranger child abductions are based on sexual intentions. Therefore, the vast majority of stereotypical kidnappers are indeed males. According to NCMEC, 90 percent of kidnappers are male.

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Overall, the chances of your child being kidnapped are very low. To be more specific, different sources state that the odds are 1 in 300,000 on average. Remember, though, that this estimation also depends on the crime rate and the number of unsolved missing children’s cases of the state you’re living in. To understand the perspective, your chance of choking to death is around 1 in 3,500.

With today’s modern tools and with the help of AMBER Alert, we believe that we can minimize the frequency of child abductions. We, as parents, have to inform each other and raise awareness about the most effective ways of protecting our children from such horrible thing. To find out more about these ways, you can read our related article.

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