"They Really Are Miracles:" 28-Year-Old Woman Defeats The Odds To Welcome Triplets Despite Coping With Cystic Fibrosis

Date July 24, 2019

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition that causes the body to produce thick, sticky mucus that builds up in such organs as the pancreas and lungs.

"They Really Are Miracles:" 28-Year-Old Woman Defeats The Odds To Welcome Triplets Despite Coping With Cystic FibrosisKieferPix /

According to TexasChildrenOrg, women with cystic fibrosis can get pregnant, but carrying the child to term often comes with serious risks including preterm birth, hypertension, and gestational diabetes. This is why women who have this condition are advised to work very closely with a medical practitioner to ensure a successful pregnancy.

Childhood sweethearts Amy and Craig Sargeant were excited to start a family. The couple has been together since they were teenagers and remained committed to one another even after Amy was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

However, the journey to living their parenting dream was not a smooth one. For seven years, they tried to get pregnant. Craig said;

We were surrounded by our family and friends, but without the child we longed for.

In 2015, the couple was approved for two cycles of IVF on the NHS. They were hopeful that this could finally give them a baby. Unfortunately, the first round proved unsuccessful and even though Amy got pregnant after the second cycle, she suffered a miscarriage at around five weeks.

Amy said she and her husband were heartbroken.

To have something you had wanted for so long taken away in a heartbeat – it was so hard.

Things looked so bleak that they were tempted to give up completely. But they didn't. Granted, they were unable to afford another IVF cycle but they decided to try intrauterine insemination.

Thankfully, they soon received the good news that Amy was pregnant. And during the six-week scan, they got even more incredible news; the couple found out they were expecting triplets.

Craig said that it was a scary, yet exciting feeling to know they were going to have three babies. The pregnancy went smoothly and on January 27, 2018, all three babies arrived via C-section. And the little ones have continued to thrive since.

Amy said;

We still feel like we’re in a whirlwind with it all. We had waited so long to have a family that it is almost surreal seeing the triplets. They really are miracles.

Apart from being a miracle, Amy Sargeant is also believed to be UK’s first cystic fibrosis sufferer to become a mother to triplets.

With what they went through for so many years, Amy and Craig could have been forgiven if they chose to give up on their attempts to become parents. But they forged on through the struggles and today, they couldn't be happier with their lovely little ones.