14-Year-Old Teen Mom Shares Story Of How She Got Pregnant At 13 And What She Went Through

Date July 26, 2019

Teenage pregnancy is no new tale. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2017, 194,377 babies were born to women between 15-19 years, and among 1000 women in this age group, 18.8 percent give birth in America.

14-Year-Old Teen Mom Shares Story Of How She Got Pregnant At 13 And What She Went ThroughAntonio Guillem /

However, the statistics differ in other regions, and certain factors like low education or low income/poverty rate play a role in the rate of teenage pregnancy.

Alanna's Story

Alanna met her boyfriend Riley in school during a math class, and they started dating after he suffered a broken leg.

At that time, Alanna was having a strained relationship with her mum, as they always had problems and disagreements.

After each episode with her mom, Alanna would either run to her boyfriend's place, and they would end up doing things they shouldn't.

It was at this time that she got pregnant and had to stay away from school. Alanna was constantly vomiting and having fainting spells.

When her mom found out, she was angry and disappointed, but as time went by both families stood by Alanna and Riley and supported them during the pregnancy.

The 14-year-old shared that labor was hard and long for her, and after being induced, she gave birth to her daughter Ellie.

As a result of her young age, people mistook her daughter for her sister whenever she shared pictures of herself and baby on Instagram.

@magda020 said:

"Your little sister is beautyfull!"

Another user, @smol__bean_10 replied:

"That's, uh... Not her sister."

ilysnufkin added:

"That's her baby."

Alanna shared her story to encourage those who were in her shoes to embrace it.

She said it's a lot of work to have a baby, but the whole experience has made her appreciate her mom better.

Health risks involved in teenage pregnancy

The truth is that teenage pregnancy is quite complicated, especially for the mother.

Teenage pregnancy comes with a lot of risk and complications like premature birth, anemia, and high blood pressure, which can lead to hypertension.

14-Year-Old Teen Mom Shares Story Of How She Got Pregnant At 13 And What She Went ThroughMarcos Mesa Sam Wordley /

There is also a greater risk of cephalopelvic disproportion. Aside from the health risk, there are psychological and emotional challenges that teenagers go through.

Hopefully, Alanna's story helps create more awareness about the rough side of teenage pregnancy.