Young Mum Had To Breastfeed Her Son On A Dirty Train Floor As All Commuters Refused To Give Up Their Seats

Date August 27, 2019

Breastfeeding in public constantly causes a wave of disapproval, rage, and repugnance. Although some communities and countries are okay with breastfeeding women, some people are on the other side

A million stories can show us the public's unethical attitude toward nursing females, and honestly, some situations cross every possible line.

Meet Sophie Molineux, a 22-year-old mother, who had to breastfeed her one-year-old baby Chester Moore on a train floor.

She was traveling from Shropshire to Ludlow for a family day out with her partner Rob Moore when the gruesome incident occurred. 50 commuters refused to give up their seats. As a result, a young mom had nothing to do but to nurse her son on a dirty floor.

A shocking image shows Sophie breastfeeding baby Chester on the ground of the carriage. She claimed commuters walked past "giving her blank expressions so they didn't have to give up their seat."

Molineux also added:

I was so shocked. There were around 50 people in the carriage and not one person moved ... Obviously, I'd rather not sit on the dirty floor of a moving train breastfeeding him, it wasn't the nicest place, but I didn't really have much choice.

Out of manners and politeness, the couple didn't ask anyone for a seat as the journey was supposed to be around 30 minutes.

We've never experienced that many people not acknowledging the fact we've got a young child with us having to be held while stood up on a moving train, let alone breastfeeding.

The 22-year-old also said that she's "fairly confident" about breastfeeding in public but also admitted she would have felt more uncomfortable if Rob hadn't been with her. Sophie concluded:

I just hope that people might be a bit more considerate in future, it should just be common sense to give up your seat for a child.

Social media users were furious at such an incident

@Greg Speller:

Why is it that people are so uncaring and unsympathetic to their fellow human beings?

@Daniel Stringer:

How sad, wake up people, respect those in need, respect mothers and their infant. Be good and caring towards one another and maybe we can turn this country around to one we can be proud of.

@Chris Joyce Joycey:

Whether she was breastfeeding or not somebody should have given their seat to her.

@Denise Pavlik Ramey :

This is so sad to me. I don’t understand what happened to respect and courtesy. It just very appalling to me. I would give up a seat.

Meanwhile, some people 'mocked' the couple

@Tiffany Borton:

Okay, so when it was clear that no one was going to offer a seat, why didn’t they ask someone to volunteer? Yes it would have been nice for someone to offer, but they also need to grow a spine and actually ask instead of complaining about it on social media.

@Steph Haywood:

She probably never even asked. Her boyfriend should of asked instead of taking the picture for a bit of fame.

@Danny Chew:

Some time ago, humans invented this wonderful thing called "a bottle". You can store fluids in them, ya know things like milk. Just a thought.

@John Anthony:

Having a baby doesn’t give you any seat privilege. The elderly and disabled have seat privilege.

What do you think about it? Are you on Sophie and Rob's side or not?