Controversial TV Show Sparks Debate For Teaching Parents To Train Kids Like Dogs: "This Is Disgusting!"

Date August 21, 2019

These days, reality shows are trying to outdo themselves by coming up with a unique, and often controversial premise. But is this one going too far?

Training kids

A TV Show had already begun gathering a buzz even before it aired. A Channel 4 show titled 'Train Your Baby Like A Dog' is supposed to teach parents how to raise their kids like animals, basically.

Jo-Rosie Haffenden, who has been training animals for years, believed that the skills she learned would be helpful for handling children too.

Such dog-training methods like clicker training and other techniques would be adopted in the show. However, people worried it would be a bad idea because it "dehumanizes" children, according to the UK Sun.

More explanation

Jo-Rosie was a guest on This Morning where she tried to give more insight into what the show was all about and how it could be beneficial for parents.

The human behaviorist responded to concerns that using a clicker to encourage good behavior was an inhumane way to handle children. She stated that the clicker wouldn't be used as a way to tell the child to do something, but rather it would be used after they have shown proper behavior.

Generally, the parent would adopt the clicker to tell a child "good job" and then offer some type of reward.

Mixed reactions

Jo-Rosie's techniques got a lot of reactions from people who believed she had the wrong idea about raising children. They shared their disapproval on social media.

But it wasn't all hate though, as some internet users commented that they saw where she was coming from.

There was no doubt that this show would be a controversial one and spark some strong reactions. Do you agree or disagree with Jo-Rosie's method?