Internet Users Come For Parents Of 4 For Permitting Their Kids To Have Body Art: "This Is Disturbing"

Date August 13, 2019

Not all parenting choices will be approved by everyone. And in this day and age, thanks to social media, parents also have to deal with judgment from online strangers.

The Instagram account @porterboiis is fast gaining popularity on the platform with over 3000 followers. The page was evidently set up by the parents of four kids who often post pictures of their boys, Kayson, Indio,

According to @beautifulmixedkids who reposted one of their photos, the family is of Puerto Rican & Italian origin. And in addition to their growing social media fanbase, the family also has a YouTube account PORTERBOIIS, set up to share videos about the boys.

There seem to be a determination to give the children as much exposure as possible. And while some agree that they are handsome little guys, a few wondered about one particular aspect of their appearance, their tattoos.

After a photo of one of the boys was posted online seemingly covered in tattoos, many people argued that this was a wrong thing to do. One user, @genuine_elgin commented;

If this picture is real someone should report the parents for having a 7-year-old covered in tattoos.

@w_ensa expressed concerns for the child;

this is so sad. this is not normal he do the négative way.

@tubacosandal joined in the criticisms as well;

This is disturbing sorry.

@chibaby02 evidently feels like the children may simply be learning what they see their parents do;

Absolutely gorgeous children but i don’t understand the need to make them look so grown.. but i can understand if the parents have lots of tattoos the kids wanting to do the same and look like mommy and daddy .

It wasn't all negative, though, as a few people stated that there is nothing wrong with the children's body art. They commented that it isn't a real tattoo so there's no reason for people to be judgmental. @luuv.sav said;

His tattoos are fake bruh. now stop complaining.

And @cpierce89 believes it's all about self-expression;

Why is everyone getting mad over FAKE tattoos. I remember being that age and wanting to get tattoos. Let a kid do his self expression. You're a handsome little man.

It appears that opinions are divided on whether or not this is a good look for children to emulate. Where do you stand on the matter?