Woman In Her 50s Says That Fairies Make Her Look Younger And Teaches People "How To Connect With Them"

Date July 23, 2019

Fairy is a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having magic powers and dwelling on earth in close relationship with humans. Although fairies are integral to many childhood stories the new research shows that the idea follows a surprising number of us into adulthood, too.

According to Dr. Simon Young and Dr. Ceri Houlbrook's survey, 44% of the 1,602 Brits believe they've seen fairies.

Believe it or not, Flavia Peters, 50, has believed in fairies and leprechauns since she was a little girl. The woman reckons she looks much younger than she really is and believes that the secret isn’t a fancy night cream or facial massage but seeing fairies.

She was just three years old when she first saw a fairy, which looked like a ‘mesmerizing’ flash of light in the woodland by her family home:

"I was crawling along outside and got to this oak tree which had a little door in it. I peered in and saw this tiny flash of light..I was sure it was a fairy. It was mesmerising. Fairies love sweet things, so I’d leave chocolate or bread dipped in honey. It’s a two-way exchange – if you leave them a gift, then they will, in return, do something for you."

Because Flavia was bullied about her beliefs at school the woman decided to ignore her connection to the fairy realm:

"I tried to ignore it and hide it away by shutting down completely and stopped thinking magical thoughts,"

- she said.

It wasn’t until her thirties that Flavia returned to fairies, regretting the time she spent without magical creatures in her life. Interestingly, Flavia believes that fairies are very environmentally conscious and care deeply about taking care of the planet.

Moreover, they always thank her in different ways when she does something eco-friendly. The woman enjoys communicating with people who also believes in fairies and leprechauns and likes to do to the fairy fests.

Now, the woman is an angel therapy practitioner, a type of spiritual healer. She holds regular workshops during which she teaches people how to connect with the fairy realm – as well as casting spells to help them with anything they are lacking in life, from luck to love.

Flavia understands that not everyone believes in the world of fairies but she hopes that by sharing her experience and knowledge she will add some magic into everyday life, making people better and more eco - friendly.