Call It Magic! 1,200 Lb Identical Twins Were Between Life & Death On 'My 600-Lb Life', But They Are Totally Different People Now

Date October 30, 2018

Do you know that obesity is among the first health issues leading to death? Moreover, it can ensue due to either lifestyle habits during life or genetics. Scientists believe that a family's behavior and way of life significantly impact children sooner or later.

It's not established as the main factor, though a family's lifestyle is likely to cause possibilities for offspring to be obese. Moreover, inactivity and meal neglect equals the same as having obese parents. Hence, a family should encourage everyone to eat healthily and do regular physical exercises.

Life-threating moment

Identical twins, Brandi and Kandi Dreier, 30, from Vancouver, Canada, each weighed 600 lb before they decided to seek help. The reason for their 'addiction' to food sprung from childhood since both parents were drug and alcohol addict. So, twins turned to food and found comfort in it and had "only each other and food."

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They felt super anxious and decided to go to Houston, Texas to see the doctor in reality series My 600lb Life and underwent weight loss surgery. The doctor told that they would have to lose at least 50 lb to complete the operation, and in a month, Kandi lost 68lb whereas Brandi - 70 lb. They started losing weight further, but Kandi's EKG was in a terminal situation.

Brandi underwent the surgery first due to her stable health while Kandi had to lose weight 8 months before her heart could afford it. However, Kandi's heart stopped after hours of gastric bypass surgery. Brandi said:

I don’t want my sister to die. I need my sister to pull through this. She promised she wouldn’t leave me. I can’t do this without her.

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Kandi woke up, and everything went fine. The twins managed to lose 200 lb in a year and are now in good conditions.

How do they look now?

My 600lb Life show has episodes showing of participants after weight loss surgery and a strict diet. Kandi and Brandi Dreier are now safe and sound and keep on losing weight and refusing all junky food along with controlling anger, anxiety, pressure, etc. 

Brandi is now married and has a little daughter. 

Of course, such transformations are magical, but it's also the combination of surgery, hard work, persistence, and proper meal. Let's wish them good luck in everything! 

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