47-Year-Old Woman Was Told Her Swollen Belly Was Cancer - But It Turned Out She Was Pregnant

Date October 2, 2018 13:48

Women reach that age when their womb no longer prepares itself for pregnancy. At this stage, the woman stops seeing her monthly period and her hormones change slowly. This phase is generally called a menopause, and it is the moment when the ovaries stop functioning.

When does menopause occur in women?

Depending on genes inherited, the advent of this period in a woman starts around her late thirties and is fully completed by 51. In some cases, it comes as early as at 45. The early stage of this condition in women is signified by menstrual cycles that last between 21 – 35 days instead of the usual.


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The late stage is characterized by regularly missed periods for up to 60 days signifying a lack of estrogen in the body.

The menopausal miracle of Tess Morten

47-year-old Tess Morten and her husband were afraid she had ovarian cancer when a swollen tummy was observed. With the family on the edge, Tess took the bold step to find out how advanced the supposed cancer was. To her utmost surprise, she brought home a pregnancy instead of a cancer diagnosis. Talk about a miracle!

The 47-year-old had gone through three IVF procedures and was six years deep in the menopause zone. Tess went from body aches and a bloated feeling of seeing her ovaries fully functional.

Her 52-year-old husband was stunned at the possibility of them having a child of their own after three adopted children and years of trial and failures.

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Tess remembered feeling a sense of shock and anxiety when the doctor said,

Your Ovaries are fine, but look at this!

She looked at the scan and there it was a baby and not ovarian cancer. She asked,

Is it mine?

Her husband wouldn’t believe, so they went for a second scan that confirmed it was indeed a baby. Tess and Neil named their daughter Molly meaning Miracle because that is what she was.

Menopausal pregnancy is not so rare

Tess had a miracle but she is not alone in this. Other women have had their surprising pregnancies in menopause age.

Doctors were astounded when British woman, Dawn Brooke became a natural mother at the age of 59 without any fertility treatment or booster.

Judy Brown got the shock of her life when she found out she was pregnant instead of going through menopause.

Just when we think we’re down and out, life surprises to let us know we’re not done yet.

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