Emotional Audition That Made Judges Cry Their Hearts Out! The Singer Gave A Passionate Performance On X-Factor

Date October 19, 2018 09:54

The ability to string out emotions in a performance is a singer's ultimate talent. But these sentiments are often rooted from most painful experiences.

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The singer, Josh Daniel had earlier auditioned with his friend Tom Woolley in 2012. They were best friends who did everything together. But unfortunately, he died from pneumonia after a bicycle accident at the age of 18. Josh fell into a deep depression after his mate's demise. Josh expressed how close they were to Mirror UK:

We knew each other all through secondary school. He moved up here and was new in our area and we became friends straight away.

He channeled all his sorrow and underlying grief in his performance at X-Factor UK, 3 years later. What was supposed to be his salvation, turned out to touch many in the audience!

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His performance made everyone cry

Josh, 21, is a car mechanic who lives with mom Dawn Grant who is a teaching assistant. As he began singing, it unraveled emotions in the audience layered by layered like an onion. He was completely absorbed as he sang Jealous by Labrinth. At the end of his performance, everyone was left sobbing.

The judge Fernandez-Versini complimented him:

That was the most captivated I've been in all the auditions so far.

His emotions were so relatable as everybody has lost some. That song was a voice to their cries. the footage of his audition went viral and made people reach out to personally congratulating him on getting the pass to next level. It's amusing that it even made Simon, the tough guy shed tears!

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What made Simon soften up?

It made him recall the memory when his mother had died. It was the most difficult time in Simon's life. After her death, Simon wasn't sure if he could continue being a judge anymore. But he remembered how much his mother liked him to be on X-factor, selecting raw talent and making dreams come true.

Did Josh's performance make your eyes watery? Share this as a tribute to your lost loved ones!

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