One Day After Friday's Shooting At Noblesville West, Heroic Teacher Jason Seaman Is Out Of The Hospital

Date May 28, 2018

Gun violence in the US high schools has reached an unprecedented high. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, 2,700 children are shot and killed. An additional 14,500 suffer injuries from gun-related incidents. Only last week, another brazen act of violence occurred in American school. A student opened fired in a full classroom hitting one student and a teacher.

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Investigators say the shooter had earlier asked to be excused from class, only to return armed with two guns. Student Ella Whistler was hit by the gunman, and she was in a critical condition. However, doctors were able to stabilize her.

The teacher who was reported to have jumped in and tackled a gunman at the Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana on Friday at around 9 a.m. has been released from hospital. Fox6NOW says that Jason Seaman was initially admitted to the IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis on Friday after the shooting in critical condition.

A statement released by Seaman’s school district praises the courageous teacher saying “Jason’s actions likely saved and protected lives. His heroic actions come as no surprise to the Bulldog Nation and those who know Jason”.

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to thank Seaman for stepping up and putting his life on the line for the well-being of his students.

VP Mike Pence, who also happens to be a former Governor of Indiana, also sent his regards to the noble teacher.

Ethan Stonebraker was one of the students in the classroom. He says that his teacher was likely the reason more students didn’t get hurt.

If it weren’t for him, more of us would have been injured for sure.

Seaman threw a basketball at the attacker who fled before he ran straight for him. He was hit three times but still managed to apprehend the shooter before school security arrived. The identity of the shooter has not been released.

It is disheartening to note that gun violence is still plaguing American schools.

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