Günther Anton Krabbenhöft Is 73 But Is Perhaps The Best Dressed Senior Citizen In Europe

Date May 30, 2018

Most people picture senior citizens as totally unaware of fashion and more likely to be caught in ill-fitting clothes than anything else. On some level, designers are to blame as many prefer younger and suggestively, more attractive models for their creations.

Also, many older people are less bothered about keeping up with trends and rather just pick anything that is comfortable off the racks without a second thought. But one senior citizen in Berlin is changing the narrative.

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73-year-old Günther Anton Krabbenhöft has spent most of his life in Berlin and always had a knack for fashion. He was discovered by fashion photographer Björn Akstinat at Kotbusser Tor, a U-Bahn station in Germany.

Ever since then, the stylish senior has become quite popular both on and offline. He shares pictures of himself looking quite dapper on his Instagram and is a regular face in Berlin nightclubs. Unlike many people of his age, Krabbenhöft enjoys nightlife and dancing.

When he is not out at the gym, you can find Krabbenhöft at the theater or hanging out with his friends at the local coffee shop. For someone his age, you would expect a more sedentary life but the opposite is the case.

This stylish octogenarian is living life to the fullest and enjoying his time as a pensioner and internet fashion icon. His wardrobe draws inspiration from fashion trends dating back to the 1920’s. Over the years, this gentleman has carefully crafted his own style, and every outfit he puts together is a stunning statement of his creativity.

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Many people find it hard to believe that Krabbenhöft’s pictures are not set up by professionals for photoshoots. Fact remains that this is what he looks like on any given day. His sense of style may be unorthodox, but we are sure there are millions of younger men who turn green with envy when they see Krabbenhöft.

With the concerns older people have about clothes, it is easy to understand how comfort tops the list of qualities they look out for. Still, GQ offers some tips on looking stylish even after 60. For starters, it wouldn’t hurt to get clothes that fit. A lot of the awkwardness that older people present is because their clothes are too large.

Also, dressing for the seasons does help a lot. So don’t be wearing heavy wools and knitwear with folds in the summer. And it wouldn’t hurt to pay some attention to hair. A clean cut at home or a visit to a salon can add that little zing to any senior’s appearance any day.

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