228 Pounds Are Not A Problem To Take Up Pole Dancing: Roz The Diva Has The Best Answer To Plus-Size Athletes Critics

Date May 30, 2018

Award-winning pole dancer Roz The Diva lived through numerous insults, bullying, and even online shaming but never gave up her desire to be a plus-size fitness model. Even despite her fail on the America’s Got Talent TV show, the woman continues doing what she has always dreamt about.

Pole dancing may be originally mistaken for being a seductive way of keeping fit. However, with the recent various styles, the unusual dance became widely popular among people who'd like to improve their strength, endurance, and simply have fun.

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The key features include body inversions, climbing, and spinning. These exercises might seem difficult even for the fittest person, but little do you know that even the plus-size athletes can perform pole dancing in a mesmerizing way.

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When Roz The Diva entered the stage of America’s Got Talent, nobody could’ve ever imagined her performing on the pole. However, 90 seconds of stunning moves were cut with severe criticism from Howard Stern:

You should never have left her old job to become an athlete. You’re kind of a joke, so why are you even here?

Perhaps, the majority of people would break after such words, but not Roslyn Mays. She is an award-winning pole dancer, personal trainer, and experienced athlete.

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Her 228 pounds doesn’t prevent her from performing gracefully, with thousands of fans admiring her talent.

When people address her inability to be mesmerizing due to the extra weight, Roslyn has one answer to such people:

Ditch your personal trainer and get a diva. No diets, no cleanses – just sweat.

She defends all the women with the excessive weight and asks them not to fear or be ashamed of their appearance. All people are unique, and no one has any right to humiliate others.

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