11 Grandchildren And Counting: Jim Bob Duggar Knows Exactly How Many Grandkids They Will Have

Date June 14, 2018 11:56

11 grandchildren might sound like a huge number. However, with the fact that most of their aunts and uncles are still pupils, you begin to understand that there will be more of them coming soon. The Duggar family has 19 children. Now, the question is, how many grandchildren they will eventually have.

Unusual family

With 17 children in the family, the Duggars decided to perpetuate their unusual experience on the screen, creating the TV show 17 Kids and Counting. The number of kids then increased to 18 and 19 quite soon, triggering the change of the show name. The biggest peculiarity of the family is that they have no birth control limit.

Jim Bob and Michelle claim only God can decide how rich the family should be. Another unusual detail about the family is the choice of kids’ names. Each of 19 children has a name beginning with the letter “J.”

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11.5 and counting

With such incredible amount of kids, you may ask a logical question, how many grandchildren will the family have? The answer is 11 for now, with another one about to appear.

The oldest grandkid, Mackynzie Renée, aged 8, is two months older than her youngest aunt, Josie Brooklyn.

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The Duggars oldest son, Josh, is married to Anna and already has five kids: three sons and two daughters. Hardly ever will they beat Joshua’s parents but will definitely increase the number of their grandparents significantly.

200 grandchildren

What do you think, how many grandkids the Duggars might have? Fifty? Seventy? Jim Bob jokes they might have much more than that:

Yeah, so, … four grandkids and counting. Going on 200!

Well, we hope the Duggars will fulfill their plans of having the exact number of grandchildren and wish the entire family be strong and continue pleasing us with the new amazing kids memories.

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