Through Miscarriages, Alcohol, And Split To The First Screened Pregnancy: The Tough Life Of The Arnaz Family

Date June 19, 2018

Lucille and Desi Arnaz had a long and difficult love story ended up with the divorce in the 1960s. Meanwhile, their daughter, Lucie, married her husband, Laurence Luckinbill, to spend almost 40 years together.

Lucille and Desi fell in love with each other immediately during their first meeting during the RKO Studios movie Too Many Girls. After the filming, the couple went on following their own life goals but couldn’t stay without each other for too long.


In 1940, Desi made Lucille a proposal, triggering the beginning of a sad and long path of their common life. Their hectic careers didn’t allow the couple to stay with each other for a long time: He played with the band at nights; she performed on the stage during the daytime.

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In 1944, after several miscarriages and dozens of arguments, Lucille and Desi split up… only to get together again, promising to spend more time with each other. That is how their common show I Love Lucy appeared.


CBS offered Lucille the leading role in a reality show, and the actress agreed to participate but with one request: She wanted her real husband to play the role of her staged man:

Audiences loved it, and Lucy finally had her chance to keep Desi in one place.

On July 17, 1951, the successful actors’ duo welcomed their first baby, Lucie. With the second baby, Desi Jr., Lucille became the first woman ever to be pictured pregnant during the TV show. CBS decided to continue filming to create an amazing plot for the series. Unfortunately, even two babies didn’t stop Desi from his harmful habits – alcohol addiction and total indifference. As a result, the couple divorced in 1960 to stay just friends in their consecutive lives.

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Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie hit the screen in 1993. With the help of Lucie’s family, the world got to know the Arnaz family much better. Lucie also didn’t find her true love from the first attempt. She met Laurence Luckinbill in 1980. Now, she can boast of the happy 38-year-old marriage, five kids, and successful career – the essence that her parents lacked so much.

Even though Lucie still lives in her mother’s shadow, she achieved much more in personal life, which is definitely more important for the happy existence.

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