When It Is Time To Learn From Children: Annette Bening Opened Up About The Things She Perceived From Her Trans Son

Date May 29, 2018 16:22

Annette Bening opened up about the things her transgender son, Stephen Ira, managed to offer his mom since the gender change decision. The art of parenting turned upside down for the entire family, but in no way that was a bad twist.


Twist of fate

Annette Benning and Warren Beatty are loving parents to their four children.

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Having such an extensive family is already a big achievement, but when their eldest daughter Kathlyn decided to change the gender, the couple’s life transformed forever. At first, both felt devastated by such decision.

However, when they saw Stephen feeling much better as a man, Annette and Warren put up with the unusual twist of fate.

Educative change

Recently, Mr. Beatty revealed his feelings to the son’s choice. He had no other emotions rather than the desire to call him a revolutionary, a genius, and a hero.


Annette also felt extremely proud of Stephen recently. In her latest interview she shared the thing, her son managed to teach her throughout such an unpredictable life:

There's been a whole new kind of universe opened up to me and to all of us in the family ... because of who he is. That is a fantastic part of being a parent. I love it.


She understood how rough the world might be. However, at the same time, she felt the relief after such a desperate part of her life.

Happy end

Stephen Ira couldn’t feel happier after his parents accepted the change. Similarly to the way the parents are proud of him, he appreciates their understanding.

Stephen is a real hero indeed, and his family was strong enough to live through the difficult times, reaching the feeling of satisfaction.

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