"Love Is Love": This Down Syndrome Couple Share Their Love Story, And It's Absolutely Adorable

Date August 22, 2018

We're often mistaken to believe that people with Down syndrome are unable to form meaningful relationships and have families. Fortunately, it's false as there are many challenged people who fall in love and can enjoy the same things in life as the rest of us. Down syndrome couple Marissa and John are living proof of it, and they inspire us with their pure feelings for each other.

Loving relationship

Marissa and John met at Camp PALS, a program which allows people with Down syndrome to have fun together and form relationships with each other. John was taken by Marissa instantly. As reported by CNN, he saw her dancing and immediately asked her to be his girlfriend.

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The couple's families were beyond happy about their relationship. Marissa's mother was very excited for her daughter:

When Marissa and John first started dating, I was happy. I mean, what parent doesn't want their child to have everything in life.

John and Marissa are like any other couple: They go to movies, often have dinner together, and overall enjoy each other's company. John values having Marissa as his girlfriend and makes us swoon when he talks about her:

She's really elegant, really charming.

Marissa also appreciates John and returns the affection:

I think he's really cute, and I love his funny impressions.

Currently, the couple are actively working on their professional lives. John studies on Wayfinders program at Fresno State, while Marissa dreams of working as a sound assistant on movie sets. She's even enrolled in John Travolta's Inclusion Films Practical Film and Media Workshop and shows big promises.

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As for the couple's future, John already gave it some thought:

I was thinking of marrying her one day. I'm not sure when. I'm not sre when is a good time to propose yet.

Marissa and John are happy together. They know it feels good and they want to be with each other all the time. For both, this feeling is new, but they are very grateful for it:

Being in love is kind of peaceful. Lovely. Sometimes, I do get butterflies in my stomach, sometimes. Love is love.

We can't help but smile looking at these two lovebirds and believe their love is true and beautiful. We wish them all the best and hope they achieve everything they want in life!

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Down Syndrome Love Story