Conjoined Twins Survived A Risky Separation Surgery 17 Years Ago And Are Now Enjoying Their Full Lives


September 4, 2018 09:59 By Fabiosa

Giving birth to conjoined twins is a big rarity, but some cases still happen. In 40-60% of such cases, twins are born stillborn. However, there is one story we want to look into that involves a successful separation of the two sisters, which shows us that there are some beautiful exceptions out there.

Separated, but not divided

Lexi and Sydney Stark were born conjoined at their lower body. Two girls defied the odds, and it appeared there were no danger to their lives. But their parents, Emily and James, knew that they had to give their daughters a chance at a full life, so they looked into the separation surgery.

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Emily had her doubts, as she shared on Megyn Kelly Today:

We had done so many things to get to this day, and about two weeks before I looked at James and I said, are we playing God? Are we messing with perfection? Because we could keep them together and we could keep them, but are we messing this up?

There was a chance of one of the girls being left paralyzed or even dying if something goes wrong, but their parents stayed positive and knew they were making the right choice.

Seven months after their birth, Lexi and Sydney were back in the hospital, but this time, they were going to leave separately from each other. After 16 tireless hours, the surgery went successful, as Emily described that joyful moment:

The room just exploded, you could hear that ‘Woohoo! Two babies!’ We got the fairytale. We know the ending, so far. 

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Today, both girls are happy teenagers excitedly looking forward to going to college.

But despite being separated, Lexi and Sydney never lost their unique bond. The two sisters are extremely close and can still feel that amazing connection. One of the girls said:

Being by her … it’s so calming. 

They're happy and joyful and living full lives. Emily and James are beyond happy they made the right decision for their girls and didn't give up on them.

Emily was so inspired by her daughters that she became a motivational speaker and now supports people by spreading the message of hope, faith, and love. 

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