Gay Couple Recreates Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later Proving Their Love Wasn't "Just A Phase"

Date August 22, 2018 17:08

Love is a beautiful thing. We can't help but smile when we see two people celebrate their love for each other, and the commitment they were able to uphold throughout the years. Beautiful relationships are unique, and we're happy for anyone who found their soulmate. The following couple not only displayed their affection for each other, but revealed how they did it, despite lack of support from people around them.

Recreating the young love

Nick Cardello and Kurt English blew up on Twitter when the couple posted two pictures of themselves 24 years apart. Both taken at the same location, and  both showing two men who are equally in love.

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Cardello revealed to Daily News that their friend suggested they recreate that beautiful picture taken during the Pride Parade. Both Nick and Kurt loved the idea, but they had no idea how positive a response would they get:

There have been so many supportive comments, like 'Relationship Goals' and 'Look how old they got', which I laughed at. We were thinking: 'Yes, you too will get old!'

The photos were followed by an ironic message "it's just a phase." The couple pointed out the struggles many same sex couples face, and roasted everyone who doubted their feelings for each other from the start.

Nick and Kurt met in 1992, during an event for LGBTQ catholics. That same year, they started living together, but got officially married only in 2008.

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Looking at these two pictures, we can feel the joy of the young love, and the pride the couple displays in the older picture. They've loved each other for so many years, and it must've been so special to have so many people celebrate their lasting happiness.

Lovely reactions from people on social media

It's indeed so wonderful to see two people as much in love with each other as they were at the beginning of their relationship.

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