Incredible 15-Year-Old Amputee Ballerina, Who Lost Her Knee To Cancer, Makes An Unbelievable Recovery

Date September 6, 2018

When Gabi Shull was 9 years old, she faced the worst nightmare no child her age should ever know. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that targets bones and tissues. Little Gabi's dreams of being a dancer fell apart when she found out her knee had to be amputated. But the brave girl endured, and we're here to tell her story.

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Medical miracle and how a little girl overcame the odds

9-year-old Gabi found out she had cancer after she injured her knee figure skating. The swelling wasn't going away for a long time, and when doctors finally ordered an MRI, they found out the horrible truth.


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Osteosarcoma was located in Gabi's knee and to prevent it from spreading, doctors had to amputate it. For a little girl who loved dancing, it was a world-shattering revelation.


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Gabi's mom, Debbie Shull, were heartbroken to find out all her daughter's hopes and dreams were over at such a young age.


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But doctors stepped forward with a groundbreaking operation that promised Gabi would not only be able to walk, but dance and figure skate as well.

The surgery went successful, but extremely unusual. Gabi's lower foot was attached to her leg backwards after the knee was amputated.

The procedure allowed the girl to control her prothesis, and her foot acts like her knee. As Gabi explained in the Truth 365 video:

They took out my knee area, which is the portion the cancer was in. They took my lower leg and foot, twisted it 180 degrees backwards, and attached it to my thigh. Whenever I point my foot, it straightens the prosthesis, and whenever I flex my foot, it bends the prosthesis.

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Just two years after Gabi was diagnosed, she was able to perform at her first dance competition and she was wonderful. The brave teenager even went on to become a cheerleader, which she always dreamt about.



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Today, 15-year-old Gabi is an aspiring ballerina and she's making great progress.

Shull is happy they agreed to go through with the complicated surgery because it gave Gabi her life back.


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Inspiring others

Another young girl went through the same surgery not too long ago. Like Gabi, Amelia Eldred's leg was reattached backwards so that she could dance and have a normal life.

It's amazing what medicine can do nowadays. But we know that without Gabi's determination and desire to dance, nothing would've been possible.

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