No Limits: Extraordinary Jessica Cox Demolished All Barriers And Became The World's First Armless Pilot

Date September 14, 2018

Meet Jessica Cox – the world's first licensed armless pilot. She was born without arms due to a non-genetic birth effect and had to go through her entire life relying solely on her feet. 

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Despite being bullied as a child for not having arms, Jessica decided to dodge her prosthetics and learn how to do everything with her feet. As a result, she can do more things with no arms than most able-bodied people.

The amazing Jessica

It's astounding what Jessica achieved in her life despite her disability. Up until the age of 14, Jessica was using artificial arms, but she felt held back by them and knew she had to embrace her body.

Cox started learning how to eat, drink, and type with only her feet. She participated in many sports in order to get stronger, and even earned a black belt in taekwondo.

The athletic achievement inspired Jessica and she proceeded to learn how to drive a car, but there was one dream she knew she had to pursue.

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Jessica always wanted to fly a plane. For someone like her it would seem impossible, but the young girl couldn't let it go. Luckily, there were flying instructors, who believed in her and taught her how to fly.

When Jessica turned 25, she finally received a pilot certificate. 

Cox told Channel News Asia that she detests the word 'disabled', she's simply "differently abled."

She's also happily married!

Aside from Jessica's professional achievements, her personal life is thriving as well. She fell in love with her taekwondo instructor Patrik Chamberlain and they are incredibly happy.

Jessica is an ultimate inspiration for all people, both abled and disabled. If she could achieve so many great things, so can anyone!

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