Husband Takes Hairstyling Lessons To Help His Wife Feel Beautiful After Stroke

Date May 29, 2018 13:49

The story of this couple proves that love really exists. Theresa and Andrew are married for already 45 years. After having a stroke 18 years ago, woman couldn’t style hair by herself. So, her loving husband decided to help her in the most romantic way. He took hairstyling classes!

Everything started when Theresa’s kids gave her a gift certificate to the hair salon as a present for the Mother’s Day.

The couple’s son, Steve, says:

She got her hair done and fell in love with it. Well, that next morning, she took a shower and it fell down … She couldn’t get it back to the way they had styled it.

Andrew wanted her wife to feel beautiful again, so he took her to the hair salon once again. He started buying products to help her recreate the look at home.

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The hairdresser, Andrea Gomez, was so touched by the couple that offered to volunteer and give Andrew a hairstyling class, so he could do his wife’s hair at home by himself. Another stylist, Raigen Kelley, captured the video of Andrew’s styling lesson.

Nicci Meyer, the salon’s operations coordinator, said:

At first, I think we just didn’t know what was going on, because we saw a gentleman behind the chair asking questions. And once we found out, it was just one of those moments ... and you look around and everyone was tearing up and crying.

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Andrew was a good student, and now, he can do Theresa’s hair by himself.

Andrew works as a bus driver, as this job helps him take care of wife. Andrew is a very devoted husband, and Steve is very proud of his dad. He says:

He goes to work at six and gets off at 8:30, gets home and gets her breakfast, fed and bathed. They do lunch, and then he goes back to work from two to five, then he comes home for dinner … and takes care of her and gets her ready for bed.

Of course, recovering from a stroke is a rather difficult task. It takes time and efforts, both physical and emotional. The support of the family is crucial in this process and can help stroke victims move forward with recovery.

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What an inspiring couple! Theresa is lucky to have such a loving husband!

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