Transgender Woman Found Love After He Rejected Her When She Was A Man

Date September 7, 2018

During lifetime, we meet people we fall in love with. Sometimes, it results in the creation of a new couple, and even a family. But in some cases, we face rejection. Some people decide to move on, others get depressed. But this woman did something really unbelievable after the man rejected her.


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Erin Anderson, the 22-years-old transgender from Kentucky, opened up about how her current partner rejected her when she was a man. And after some time, fell in love with her when she embraced her true identity.


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Erin claims she felt like living in the wrong body since the early childhood. While being a 3-years-old boy, she was already trying to wear her grandmother’s high heels.

At the age of 18, she met her crush, Jared Norris, on social media, but he claimed "he was having no part of it.”


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But everything changed in a couple of years. Erin came out, and had around seven months of hormone replacement therapy. Jared saw one of her photos on Instagram, and their relations began.

Erin has already had 2 years of hormone replacement therapy, breast augmentation, and hopes for the gender reassignment surgery.

In the interview with Daily Mail, Jared said:

She wants to look more feminine, but to me she already looks beautiful.

They are together for already two years, and feel as happy as never before.

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