What A Dream! 88-Year-Old Woman Sold All Belongings To Pay $164K Annually For A Life On A Cruise Ship

Date June 27, 2019

Mama Lee became a full-time cruiser at 77, after her husband died. Before passing away, he asked his beloved wife not to quit cruising, as that’s what they were doing together for so many years.

And of course, she fulfilled his last wish and kept cruising after losing the biggest love of her life. Nevertheless, Mama Lee claims it was rather exhausting for her to pack and unpack again and again.

Living a perfect life

So, she decided not to leave the ship at all. After a little while, the ocean liner Crystal Serenity became her only home.

Mama Lee went on more than 240 cruises around the world and visited hundreds of different ports. In fact, it doesn’t matter for her where the ship goes, as she prefers not to go out, and usually enjoys her time in silence while all tourists are touring.

Every evening, she dances and lives her life to the fullest. Of course, many people wonder how can she afford all that luxury life, as the cost of such cruises is rather expensive.

Turned out, Mama Lee sold all her belongings and pays $164,000 annually to live a perfect life.

In fact, there are some other variants of traveling in retirement. For example, housesitting, home swapping, extended rentals, voluntourism, and others.

Mama Lee is an inspiring woman who shows that it is possible to live a perfect life at any age!