Adorable Toddler Model With Down's Syndrome Wins Hearts Of People. What A Cutie!

Date September 11, 2018

Nowadays, the face of fashion is changing and it must extend to representing the diversity among people with disabilities. The fashion world opens its doors to people who are different, in order to reflect their beauty.

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Connie-Rose Seabourne, the adorable toddler with Down's syndrome, is about to become the Britain’s top model. The key to success is her beautiful smile. Wherever Connie goes, she wows people with her smiling face.

Connie’s parents are very proud to have such an incredible daughter. It is a true happiness!

Their girl was born two months prematurely, but wasn't diagnosed with Down's syndrome until she was two weeks old.

In the interview with The Mirror, Connie’s mother, Julie, revealed she knew her baby could be with the Down’s syndrome while being pregnant.

Nevertheless, she never considered it as a big problem:

I was assessed as being at higher risk of having a baby with Down's Syndrome when I was pregnant and could have had the diagnostic test to find out, but I didn't want it because it just wasn't an issue.

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Julie decided her daughter would be a perfect model, and sent her photos to various agencies. Some of them responded, arranging test shoots to assess how Connie-Rose would perform in front of the cameras.

The girl loved the camera, and Julie made sure it was the right decision. The result is fantastic:

She's already been given two contracts, but we can't say what for. She's had so many photographs of her taken by me that she's just used to it.

Connie’s beautiful smile is a key to success in the modeling sphere. Good luck, Connie!

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