65-Year-Old Actress Isabella Rossellini Has Figured Out A Way To Deal With Ageism, And It's Inspiring

Date May 25, 2018 11:57

Filmmaker and actress, Isabella Rossellini has had a remarkable career. Long before she began to act, she had made her mark as a model. These days, she adds author and philanthropist to her achievements as well.

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 Ageing in Hollywood

The gorgeous 65-year-old told the Hollywood Reporter during a Women in Motion talk she gave in 2015 that she has not had her job taken by any man yet but identifies with the discrimination older women face in the industry.

The daughter of award winning actress Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini did not exactly grow up an Hollywood child, but she eased into an acting career that included outstanding performances in Death Becomes Her.

Personal experience

As the first ever face of Lancôme, she held the role for 20 years, starting from 1983, but in her 40s, she was dropped by the brand.

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Although, she has said in the past that she gets ticked off when people tell her she is ‘still’ beautiful, she does not let it slow her down or stop her from embracing her age. Importantly, she does not let them get away with it.

And this has paid off. She has been rehired by Lancôme as the face of their brand.

She's ageing gracefully

Rossellini does not believe in altering her face cosmetically or even using the occasional botox injection.


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Ageing gracefully is a matter of having a great skin care routine, eating organically, and finding beauty from within. She is not immune to giving herself mirror pep talks.

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