This Woman Could Not Live Or Sleep Without Her Mascara On, And 25 Years Later, It Almost Made Her Blind

Date July 17, 2018 14:03

When it comes to fashion, some people make some really extreme choices to stand out. And, in this woman’s case, she almost lost her sight to stay beautiful.

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PSA for lazy makeup wearers

It’s a no brainer fashion rule that makeup worn during the day should be taken off before bedtime.

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But certified celebrity makeup artist, Katey Denno, told Bustle that she has encountered too many women who get too lazy to remove the day's makeup, especially mascara, and end up with infected eye lash roots.

This woman almost went blind

But, for Theresa Lynch, her case went a little too far! This 50-year-old mom of 2 did not even bother to clean out her mascara for 25 years!

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She took her eyes for granted until they began to get itchy, and nothing that doctors prescribed seemed to be working. It took a corrective 90-minute procedure in the end to take out the lumps a miraculous diagnosis revealed. Without this discovery, she would have become blind for sure.

The easiest way to clean mascara residues

Now, Dr Robaei, who treated Theresa, is warning mascara wearers to take the cleaning out of residues serious.

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And for people who are worried that they may not be doing enough or getting it right, experts, including Robaei, say all it takes is simply committing to brushing a clean cotton swab along the base of the eyelashes.

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